Sea buckthorn oil

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Highest quality sea buckthorn oil, 100% natural, without GMO, cold pressed from the fruits of the sea buckthorn grown in the ecological zone of the Ukrainian Carpathians near Truskawiec

More than 330 mg/100g carotenoids

i.e. 2 times more than contained in sea buckthorn oil made from plants grown in other regions.

Do not let anyone deceive you!

Use only the high quality sea buckthorn oil from Dobry Aptekarz!

Sea buckthorn oil

Composition and wonderful qualities

Sea buckthorn oil and the digestive system

Thanks to its medical properties, the sea buckthorn oil is perfect for treating both stomach ulcers and heartburn. Three drops per day are enough to speed up the healing of ulcers and alleviate the associated symptoms. People who have problems with an inflammation of the gallbladder, liver or pancreas or combating cholelithiasis should contact a specialist and learn if the sea buckthorn oil won’t affect them negatively.

Sea buckthorn oil for high levels of cholesterol

Because of plant sterols contained in the sea buckthorn and high amounts of vitamins C and E, the oild produced form its fruits contributes to lowering the blood pressure – preparations from sea buckthorn, including oil, help in preventing atherosclerotic lesions as well as hypertension, which may lead to coronary disease, strokes and heart diseases. The oil also allows to effectively lower the level of bad cholesterol.

Sea buckthorn oil for a beautiful skin

If you wish to improve the condition of your skin, the sea buckthorn oil can be applied directly onto it. Even though the sea buckthorn oil is quite fatty, it is an ideal aid in healing of surface burn wounds. In addition, it relieves burning, skin inflammation and results of frostbite. The sea buckthorn oil has also a very beneficial effect when applied to face – it allows for a quick regenerations of the skin.

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